Thousands of workers are demanding better

The UCP has failed to deliver the jobs they promised, gutting crucial services, and doing nothing to stabilize our economy or make life more affordable.

What does the UCP even do?
It may not be what you think.
Here are our demands.
Get the cost of living under control.
Wealthy executives shouldn’t be allowed to profit more while we suffer through hard times. Our province needs a plan to tackle inflation, ban price gouging and tax excess profits.
Re-tool the economy for new jobs.
The UCP is stuck in the past. We need to re-tool our economy, or we’ll be left behind. We can take advantage of opportunities in new industries but we need a plan that puts good jobs for workers at the forefront.
Fix the health-care crisis
Our health care system is in crisis. Privatization will only cost us more—we have to pay health care workers fairly, and end the staff shortages that are fueling the crisis.
Invest in quality education.
The UCP government is cutting the legs out from under our public schools, colleges and universities—leaving working families behind. We need to invest in world-class public schools, colleges and universities.
Strengthen worker rights.
Hard-working Albertans deserve respect. We need our government to strengthen our laws—and hold employers accountable for following them.
Protect workers from COVID-19.
The UCP continues to force their own fringe agenda on us, spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories. We need science-based policies to protect people in their workplaces and in our communities.